Associated model number: 4200

Congratulations! You have purchased the MULTI-CODE Wireless Programmable Digital Keyless Entry System, which we believe to be the finest product of its type on the market. Please take a moment to review these instructions. They will be helpful in the proper installation and operation of your new system.


Choose Mounting Location. Choose a convenient location that does not interfere with the normal operation of the door, such as on the door jamb or on the wall adjacent to the door. Note that some doors will swing up, be sure that in operating your RF Programmable Keyless Entry System you will not be in the path of the door’s travel IMPORTANT: Your keyless entry system should be mounted out of the reach of children.

IF YOU ARE MOUNTING YOUR KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM TO ALUMINUM SIDING you may find it better to substitute carriage bolts for the mounting screws supplied. Bolts should be long enough to reach into the garage, and be secured with lock washers and nuts. IF YOU ARE MOUNTING YOUR KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM ONTO BRICK, STONE, OR MORTAR, suitable anchors must be set into the mortar, and the fasteners screwed into these.


When mounting location has been determined, drill one 1/8” pilot hole one inch (1”) deep for top screw. Insert into pilot hole, leaving the head of the screw exposed about 1/8” fro the wall. Slide the unit over the exposed screw so that it hangs on the wall.

To install second mounting screw you will need to remove battery hatch and 9 volt battery. To remove battery hatch insert flathead screwdriver with a twisting motion into the slot provided on the bottom of keypad. Remove the battery to expose second mounting hole. Mark the location of the pilot hole and remove keypad. Drill 1/8” pilot hole one inch (1”) deep. Replace keypad and insert screw. Reinstall battery and replace battery cover.


Your Keyless Entry System comes with preset factory codes (2,4,6,8,10) for the radio code and (1,2,3,4) for the 4-digit access code. We urge you to reprogram the unit with your own personal codes to prevent tampering.

The Alpha Characters, numerals “0-9”, the words “radio learn” and “access learn” are printed in black on translucent button. The 0-9 buttons are used for the radio code and access code. You may also use the Alpha characters to create your own personal keyword access code, so long as the keyword does not exceed four letters. The “radio learn” and “access learn” buttons are used for programming.

The RF Programmable Keyless Entry System has two programmable codes:


The radio code is a 10-bit digit code that is transmitted to the garage door operator. This code must be set to match the code on the 10-position switch in the garage door operator receiver. To begin programming or change the radio code press the “radio learn” Key twice (The indicator LED will come on, indicating learn mode. During the learn mode, the indicator LED will blink off with each keypress). Now enter the preset four-digit access code (Note: For first time programming, this would be the factory code 1,2,3,4). Now enter the new radio code (Note: this will be the code on the garage door operator receiver. Only enter the corresponding numbers on the 10 position switch that are in the “on” (closed) position. Example: The 2,5,6,7 positions on the receiver “on”. You would enter 2,5,6,7 for your radio code. If the 10th position on the switch is “on” (closed), the corresponding keypress number is 0). Finally press the “radio learn” key to end programming sequence. If indicator LED turns off when “radio learn” key is pressed, the new radio code has been successfully programmed. If the access code was entered incorrectly during programming, the indicator LED will blink at a fast rate for 4 seconds when the “radio Learn” key is pressed, then turn off. This indicates an error in the programming procedure and the radio code will remain unchanged (NOTEP: During the radio learn mode, pressing the same key twice for the radio code will be accepted as one key press. Example: 3-1-1-4 will be accepted as 3-1-4). Check to see if the new radio code matches your garage door receiver by entering factory access code (1,2,3,4) at this time. If door opens, reprogram radio code using the above procedure.



RADIO RADIO 1-2-3-4 1-3-5-6-8 RADIO


To begin programming or change the access code press the “access Learn” key twice (The indicator LED will come on indicating learn mode. During the learn mode, the indicator LED will blink off with each keypress). Now enter old access code (NOTE: For the first time programming, this would be the factory code 1,2,3,4). Next enter new 4 digit access code. Finally press the “access learn” key to end programming sequence. If indicator LED turns off when “access learn” key is pressed, the new access code has been successfully programmed .If the old access code was entered incorrectly or more than 4 keys were entered for the new code during programming, the indicator LED will blink at a fast rate for 4 seconds when “access Learn” key is pressed, then turn off. This indicates an error in the programming procedure and the access code will remain unchanged. (NOTE: TO RESET THE RF PROGRAMMABLE KEYLESS ENTRY TO THE FACTORY RADIO CODE AND ACCESS CODE REMOVE 9 VOLT BATTERRY FROM UNIT, DEPRESS ANY KEY ON THE KEYPAD AND WAIT 10 SECONDS BEFORE INSTALLING BATTERY).


ACCESS ACCESS 1-2-3-4 5-8-3-1 ACCESS

The 4 digit access code can be any combination of numeral 0-9, from 0000-9999.

During both programming modes the keypad will brighten with first keypress and will go out 25 seconds after last keypress.


  1. pressing any key will cause the keypad to light up and stay on for 25 seconds from last keypress. Your personal access code must be completely entered within 25 seconds of the last number entered. If not, the door will not open and LED’s will go out. If you fail to enter the entire code in the allotted time, you must re-enter the entire code.
  2. Some door openers can be stopped, or reversed (depending on make and model) once the door is in motion. If your door opener allows this type of function this feature is activated by pressing any of the 12 keys a second time once your personal code has been entered. The 12 programmable Keyless Entry buttons are active as the operator’s push button for approximately 25 seconds (The keypad LED’s will flash during these 25 seconds).
  3. Over time smudges may appear on frequently used buttons. To prevent this, it is advisable to keep your keypad clean, and to change your personal access code from time to time.
  4. If you forget your programmed access code, disconnect battery from keyless entry, depress any key on the keypad and wait 30 seconds before installing battery. The keyless entry will reset to the factory radio and access codes. You must reprogram both the radio and access codes at this time.


When battery becomes weak, the system enters a low battery mode. During this mode the LED’s will blink on with the first keypress and then turn off. The LED’s will remain off during remaining code entry to indicate low battery condition. If the correct access code was entered, the keypad LED’s will start flashing and the indicator LED will remain out. The keyless entry will work approximately 20 times in the low battery mode.


Replacement battery – 9 volt alkaline battery.

The battery can be checked or changed by opening the battery hatch using a flathead screwdriver in the slot provided on the bottom of the keyless entry. A twisting motion of the screwdriver will open the battery hatch and provide access to the battery compartment (NOTE: To avoid loss of programmed coeds while changing the battery, allow keypad LED’s to turn off before removing the old battery, and install the new battery within 1 minute. Do not depress any key when changing battery. If the battery is not installed within 1 minute or a key is depressed, the Wireless Programmable Keyless Entry may reset to the factory codes. You must reprogram both radio and access codes if this happens).


All Linear Corporation garage door related products carry a eighteen (18) month warranty against defects in workmanship or material. The warranty begins at the date of manufacture, for eighteen months. Linear Corporation warrantee’s out product only to our authorized dealers and distributors, and not to the end customer. If you have questions about our warranty, please ask your dealer to determine the nature and scope of his warranty. Linear Corporation does not assume, and is not responsible for, any real or consequential damages for claims against the performance of our product, nor is it liable for any costs related to loss of life, property, or revenue. Further, Linear Corporation is in no way responsible for installation of our product, and will assume no costs related to re-installation or removal. Linear Corporation Warranty is in lieu of all other warrantees, expressed or implied.

CAUTION: Any changes or modifications in intentional or unintentional radiators which are not expressly approved by LINEAR CORPORATION could void user’s authority to operate this equipment. This applies to intentional and unintentional radiators certified per part 15 of the F.C.C. rules and regulations.

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